How to Pick a Good Shampoo for Hair?

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Understanding your hair type and choosing a shampoo that resolves your hair concerns is vital for getting the hair of your dreams. The key to choosing a good shampoo for hair does not just entail picking one that moisturizes your hair. But, it is also important to choose the best shampoo for hair that lends your hair shine and bounce. Let us help you identify your hair type and cater to your hair concerns accordingly.  

Understanding Different Hair Types

There are a number of hair types and each comes with a specific set of needs. In order to choose the best shampoo for hair, you need to identify your hair type and its corresponding care requirements. 

1. Dry Hair

If your scalp feels dry and hair feels coarse and brittle after hair wash, then you have dry hair. The primary problem with dry hair is that it is easily prone to breakage. In order to care for this hair type, one needs to use a shampoo that contains oil. A shampoo like this will help lock moisture in your hair. If you have dry hair, then the best shampoo for hair is one that offers additional moisture and also conditions it. 

2. Oily Hair 

If your scalp always feels oily, even immediately after hair wash, then you have oily hair. In such a case, the best shampoo for hair is one that helps remove excess oil. Shampoos for such hair types contain hydrating agents that serve two purposes – prevent excess oil generation and offer gentle moisturizing effects. This prevents your hair from being weighed down and yet stay hydrated. 

3. Neutral Hair 

If after hair wash, your hair feels smooth and is neither too dry nor oily, then you fall under the neutral hair type. For such a type, the best shampoo for hair is one that is gentle and ensures hair cleansing without leaving behind too much residue and stripping the hair of its natural moisture. 

Understanding Your Hair Needs

Apart from the basic hair types, hair can further be classified under a lot of branches depending on their individual needs. Let us take a look at those.

1. Fine Hair or Straight Hair

A volumizing shampoo is the best shampoo for hair that is fine but straight. If you have fine hair, then you need to opt for a shampoo that rejuvenates your hair without weighing the strands down which would make them look limp and thin. An ideal shampoo is one that cleanses and hydrates it just enough to lock the moisture of the hair without making it oily and heavy.

2. Thick or Curly Hair

The best shampoo for hair that is thick or curly in nature must enable long-term hydration and have moisturizing properties. Such a hair type, owing to its lack of moisture, requires sufficient hydration to tame it and add ample shine, bounce and smoothness. Thus, a shampoo that has high moisturizing content will help reduce the frizz and prevent your hair from being weighed down.

3. Wavy Hair

To care for hair that is wavy in nature, a shampoo that is hydrating in nature is the right choice as it will lead to the maintenance of waves in your hair without making them heavy and oily. Also ensure that the shampoo has good conditioning agents as well.  

Caring for Damaged and Brittle Hair

Here are a few suggestions for the best shampoos, if you hair are damaged:

  • Shampoos that have strengthening and fortifying properties are best suited for people with hair that needs damage control. Such shampoos are high in protein content and are apt to rejuvenate damaged and brittle hair. Sometimes, coloring your hair may also lead to damage and thus it is crucial to provide them with extra care that such shampoos can offer.
  • If you are concerned that your hair growth is not adequate, then the best shampoo for hair growth is the one which contains an ample amount of nutritional and fortifying ingredients. 
  • If you are tackling hair fall, then the best shampoo for hairfall is the one that prevents breakage, promotes hair strength and improves scalp health. 


In addition to identifying your hair type and its needs, it is also important to address the immediate issue you are facing with your hair. Your hair needs constant love and care and shampoo is the most fundamental hair care product. So, getting it right is crucial. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. For how long should I try a shampoo to decide whether or not it is working for me?

In order to find an ideal shampoo for hair, you need to try it for at least four washes to see if it is providing the results you are seeking. If you do not notice even a minor progress in your hair condition after four washes, then you should try out another one. 

Q2. How can I identify my hair type?

Notice how your hair looks after naturally drying post hair wash. If it dries without bending and curling, then you have straight hair. However, if it shows a slight curl after drying, then your hair type is wavy and if it dries in the form of loops then you have curly hair.

Q3. What are the basic hair types?

The four broad classifications of hair type are straight, wavy, curly and tightly curled. Before you choose the best shampoo for hair, you need to identify your hair type.

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