Red Clover Extract: How Does It Help With Hair Health?

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Red clover, scientifically known as Trifolium pratense, is a wild flowering plant that belongs to the same botanical family as beans and peas. Native to Asia, Europe and North Africa, this herbaceous plant with dark-pink blossoms is valued both as a fodder crop for enhancing soil quality and as a prominent ingredient in traditional medicine. It has been historically employed to alleviate symptoms associated with asthma, menopause, arthritis, whooping cough and even cancer. Among the many red clover benefits, it has also been shown to be useful in improving hair health. Continue reading below to find out how to use red clover in your hair care routine.

Hair Care Benefits of Red Clover 

Some of the key benefits of red clover are:

  1. Strengthens and Adds Shine to Hair

Antioxidant-rich red clover extract, together with Vitamin C, is considered as a powerful natural remedy that helps make your hair beautiful. A scientifically proven hair-friendly extract, it is very effective in maintaining normal hair growth. The regular application of red clover extract ensures growth of hair follicles, reduces hair fall and strengthens its liveliness. Similarly, it works as a protective covering against environmental pollution and oxidation. 

  1. Reduces Hair Loss and Thinning

Research suggests that red clover extract could help manage hair loss due to stress or aging. Hence, it is one of the most popular natural products that one can find in hair serum and hair supplements. Additionally, it is composed of several strong antioxidants that improve the condition of your scalp as well as sustains the life of your hair. Secondly, it helps in maintaining a proper pH balance on your scalp as well as reducing inflammation in follicles, which allows the hair follicles to facilitate new hair growth while at the same time curbs the hair loss.

  1. Fight Scalp Itchiness and Irritation

Red clover is an effective natural scalp soother. It also has vitamins, minerals and Isoflavanes that assist in decreasing scalp irritation and protecting the scalp against environmental strains. One needs to use a scalp scrub so as to optimize the red clover benefits for hair. All the debris that had built up on the scalp is cleaned up as well as clogged follicles are cleared out. Consistent use of red clover extract eases scalp discomfort and helps relieve the feeling of irritation and itching.

4. Deeply Nourishes Hair & Scalp

One of the simplest methods of nourishing your hair is simply adding vitamins A, C, D and E to your daily hair care routine. Red clover extract is a rich source of these vitamins. One major nutrient that is used to stimulate normal production of oil which prevents dryness and adds shine to hair is vitamin A. Also, your hair strands will be strong as collagen is synthesized more when Vitamin C is present. Moreover, Vitamin D enhances thickness of hair while Vitamin E improves scalp blood circulation hence better oxygen intake within follicles.

How to Use Red Clover Extract for Hair?

There are varieties of red clover extract, and its effects on hair are impressive. Add red clover into your everyday hair program by using it as a serum, or use it as one of the daily hair supplements. Use one fourth teaspoonful of the red clover extract, mixed well with any suitable carrier oil such as castor oil or almond oil, and gently rub it into your roots and lengths.  You may mix it in your hair wash products like shampoo and conditioner as well.


Red clover benefits for hair are numerous when used properly. It adds volume and shine to your hair thus making it look healthy. It should be noted that there must be consistency in usage for at least two weeks for red clover extract to be effective. Just like any other hair care product, results achieved will only be realized with consistent application.


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