Four Benefits of Collagen for Hair That You Need to Know About!

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Collagen is a protein found in the skin, hair, connective tissues, bones, tendons and cartilage of the body. With respect to hair, it is the main constituent of the dermis which is the connective tissue layer containing the hair roots. There are various benefits of collagen for hair.

As you get older, the level of collagen in the body starts to dwindle, making your hair susceptible to damage and signs of aging. If you are beginning to witness noticeable changes in your hair quality and volume, you may have to supplement the quantity of collagen your body produces with collagen found in certain foods such as leafy greens, tomatoes, berries, and citrus fruits along with supplements (if recommended by your doctor).

Now let us delve into the details of how collagen benefits hair.

Benefits of Collagen for Hair

Collagen is produced by the body naturally and it supports the production of the substance that gives structure to our hair. Below are some ways in which collagen is good for hair:

1. Strengthens Hair with Protein

The protein instrumental behind hair health and growth is keratin. It is a protective protein, the structural building block of hair. Several amino acids inside the body come together in order to build keratin. There are 22 amino acids in total. Some of these amino acids can be found in collagen while some are absorbed from the protein-rich food. The body breaks down the amino acids and uses them to build various compounds and proteins. It makes about 11 nonessential amino acids while the rest 9 essential ones are obtained from food sources. Out of the 11 non-essential ones, 3 can be found in collagen- glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.

Proline is one of the main components of hair. Amino acids provide nourishment to the hair, making it soft and shiny. So, collagen benefits hair by supplying amino acids that may in turn be able to support hair growth.

2. Controls Hair Thinning

Sufficient levels of collagen in the body may be able to give one a healthy dermis and control the onset of hair thinning. Collagen makes up about 70% of the dermis. The dermis is the middle layer of the skin comprising the root of individual hair strands. Collagen is responsible for maintaining the strength and elasticity of the dermis. Over time, the body loses its capacity to produce collagen naturally and replenish the cells that are contained in the dermis. This is one of the reasons why hair tends to thin over time.

So, providing the body with collagen can help to control hair thinning by maintaining a healthy dermis.

3. Combats Hair Follicle Damage

Collagen peptides are an antioxidant and they can fight free radicals and prevent the damage that oxidative stress can do to your hair. Free radicals develop in the body due to environmental factors and anxiety. Too many free radicals can damage the proteins, cell membrane and DNA of your hair. This leads to follicle weakening, hair aging, brittleness and lifelessness of hair. Collagen can reduce free radicals by almost 34% and lessen or prevent hair damage caused by free radicals.

4. May be Able to Slow Down Graying

Since collagen acts like an antioxidant, it can also tackle cell damage and slow down the graying of hair associated with aging. As a person becomes older, the cells that contribute to hair color begin to gradually die. This process can further aggravate as a result of free radical damage arising out of a poor diet, environmental pollutants and stress. By consuming collagen for hair growth, you not only manage hair follicle damage but also the graying of hair.


Most people only know about the benefits collagen has for the skin. While it is true that it helps maintain skin elasticity, there are many other benefits of collagen. From this article, it can be gathered that collagen plays a key role in supporting better hair health as well. If you are looking for the best collagen for hair growth, you can go for supplements. Many collagen supplements for hair and skin are available in both plant and animal-based forms and are completely safe for consumption to reap long-term benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the collagen benefits for dry hair?

Ans: The benefits of consuming collagen supplements for dry hair include the management of split ends and hair brittleness.

Q2. What are the collagen benefits for damaged hair?

Ans: Consuming collagen supplements regularly can support blood vessels that help nutrients to diffuse more efficiently to the hair follicles, thus moisturizing the hair.

Q3. How long does it take for collagen supplements for hair to start working?

Ans: Once you start consuming collagen supplements for hair growth, you can notice visible results in four to twelve weeks, provided you consume the supplements consistently.

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