Stop the Shaving Cut Bleeding with These Amazing Techniques

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

If you are a regular shaver, you must be well-acquainted with the ‘bloody’ shaving cut, aren’t you! And, there is no denying the fact that these annoyances are quite a regular affair. Whether it was a dull shaving blade or you tried to do a close shave or your razor was pressed quite hard while shaving, nicks and cuts can happen due to multiple reasons. But this can lead you into a mess and that is shaving bleeding. And we are pretty sure that you must have tried to stop bleeding from shaving by using tissue paper or maybe tried applying a band-aid too.

But, let us tell you that there are other ways to stop the bleeding, which are hygienic and easy too. And some of them might be easily available in your home too right now. So, keep scrolling to know about effective treatments for dealing with this pesky issue.

Ultimate Ways to Stop Bleeding from Shaving Cut
This is a harsh reality that no matter what you do, a shaving cut is inevitable most of the time. So, it is best to be prepared with handy solutions for patching up and stopping bleeding after shaving. Given below are some easy solutions to stop shaving cuts bleeding.

Aftershave lotion: One of the best techniques for stopping razor cuts bleeding is an aftershave lotion. The aftershave lotions contain alcohol due to which it functions similar to an astringent, thereby restricting the blood flow.

Tea tree oil: This oil boasts of antibacterial and astringent properties due to which it helps stop the bleeding. You can add some drops of tea tree oil into any carrier oil and apply on the affected area using a cotton pad.

Ice cubes: Putting ice cubes on bleeding is an age-old method, which can also prove effective in stopping razor cuts bleeding. Applying ice cubes constricts the blood vessels, thereby stopping the blood flow.

Witch-hazel toner: Known to be a natural astringent and having healing properties, you can use witch-hazel toner to stop bleeding after shaving. You can dab a cotton pad in this toner and press it on the affected region.

Lip balm: Applying lip balm or petroleum jelly on the nick and cuts can help stop the blood flow. Lip balms can also keep infection-causing bacteria at bay, thus keeping the wound clean. But you need to be gentle while rubbing the balm or jelly.

Alum: Using alum is also a wonderful way to stop bleeding from shaving cuts. It is known to be super effective in stopping bleeding. Alum is also beneficial in soothing razor burns. For using alum, you can moisten it under water and press it on the shaving cut.

Styptic pen or pencil: A handy tool, a styptic pen or pencil is a kind of shaving stick to stop bleeding. Compact and convenient to carry, this stick to stop bleeding after shaving consists of aluminum sulfate as its primary ingredient. You can dip this stick in cold water and gently press against the shaving cut.


A shaving cut can definitely be frustrating and cause much of a discomfort, but you really can’t avoid them completely. This is why it is important to know about the techniques with which you can easily stop shaving bleeding. Minor shaving cuts are pretty normal too and of course you are not alone. Bleeding from a minor cut can stop in 5-10 minutes by applying any of the above-mentioned techniques. However, if there is excessive bleeding or you are unable to stop it with home remedies, like cool water rinse, styptic pens, or witch-hazel toner, make sure to consult a medical professional.

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