Hair Straightening Cream: Discussing The Effectiveness

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

While hair has a natural texture that is unique for each individual, a hair strengthening cream comes across as a magic wand. It works on any hair texture, transforming it into smooth and straight hair. In this blog, we will discuss what hair straightening is and how to use hair straightening cream at home for safe results:

What is a Hair Straightening Cream?

A hair straightening cream is a hair styling product that allows you to artificially change the natural texture of the hair. They can be of two types – temporary straightening cream and permanent straightening cream. 

Does Hair Straightening Cream Work?

Well, at the outset, a hair straightening cream does wonders for hair. The hair becomes smooth, straight, and beautiful. However the efficacy is linked to the quality of the product, the duration of results will depend upon the type of treatment used and the individual’s hair quality. 

The results of a temporary straightening cream will last until the next wash. Whereas a permanent straightening cream promises longer-lasting results, typically lasting a few months until the new hair growth replaces the treated hair. 

How to Use a Temporary Hair Straightening Cream?

This can be a simple, time-saving and cost-effective mechanism to straighten the hair. The best part is it gives salon-like results without any damage associated with chemical-loaded permanent hair straightening creams.

How to use a hair straightening cream? Start by preparing your hair. Apply a small amount of hair straightening cream to washed and towel-dried hair. Starting from the roots, evenly spread the cream till the ends. Remember, not to apply cream on the scalp.

Once this is done, use a hair brush to detangle hair and to further spread the cream more evenly. Making small partitions and placing a round brush under the hair, start blow drying. Give your hair a gentle stretch to set it straight. 

How to Use a Permanent Hair Straightening Cream?

Unlike its temporary counterpart, a permanent hair straightening cream is not a DIY thing. Schedule a salon visit for the same. You can go in for options like professional permanent straightening, keratin straightening, Japanese thermal straightening, and hair rebonding.

Whichever hair straightening method you opt for, a chemical-laden solution is applied to your hair. These creams have a strong, pungent smell and usually work on the hair follicles to alter their innate texture. Subsequently, a neutralizer is applied to lock the strands in the new shape. This is followed by gentle stretching and blow drying the hair into its new sleek, straight look. The treatment typically lasts for several hours. 

Is Permanent Hair Straightening Effective?

Permanent hair straightening is an effective treatment for hair straightening. But despite being named ‘permanent’, the results of hair straightening do not last forever. Depending upon the type of method opted the duration for which the results would last varies. Hair rebonding and professional permanent straightening show the best results that typically last for up to 6 months

The Down Side of Hair Straightening Creams

The hair straightening creams have been linked to serious side effects. As the chemicals in these creams work by damaging the hair bonds to make them flat and straight, damaged and brittle hair is the leading concern post-treatment. 

Formaldehyde, one of the most commonly used chemicals in hair straightening creams is known to trigger cancer, especially increased risk of breast cancer. Exposure to formaldehyde is also linked to breathing difficulty, irritation in the nose and eyes, and skin irritation and rashes. 


Hair straightening cream is a promising way to achieve sleek and straight hair. But both temporary and permanent types do not promise ‘forever’ results. All in all, the effectiveness of the product will depend upon your hair type and texture, the type of method adopted, and the skill of your hairstylist. Reducing the use of the products is the only way to limit side effects.


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