7 Wonderful Benefits of Jatamansi (Spikenard) for Hair

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Jatamansi is a very well-known Ayurvedic herb. Also known as Spikenard, it is a small, rhizomatous perennial herb that is hailed for its profound health benefits. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is often seen as a magical herb. In this blog, we will discuss some incredible jatamansi benefits for hair.

What is Jatamansi? 

Jatamansi is one herb that is popular by several different names. Believe it or not, but Jatamansi has almost 30 different names. As its use helps balance three doshas – the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dosha, it is seen as a cure for several conditions. The essential oil extracted from the roots of the plant is the one responsible for many benefits of jatamansi for hair. 

Jatamansi Benefits for Hair

Studies show that jatamansi works in different aspects to promote hair health. Its use is effective for hair concerns experienced by both men and women. Interestingly, both topical application and ingestion of jatamansi powder can help reap jatamansi benefits for hair.

Boosts Hair Growth

Massaging spikenard oil at the roots of the hair gives the hair follicles a natural boost. The oil penetrates deeper inside, nourishing and stimulating the hair follicles from within. The active compounds like jatamansic acid and nardin present in the jatamansi extracts also prolong the growth phase of the hair. 

Controls Hair Fall

Jatamansi extracts reduce the time taken by new hair strands to grow. It also prevents or slows down hair fall by balancing the three doshas in the body. The hair restorative properties compounds further increase hair volume and improve hair health. The compounds strengthen the hair from the roots, reducing hair fall concerns. 

Reduces Gray Hair

Studies establish that the naturally darkening properties of the Jatamansi plant act as an excellent hair dye. It is commonly added as a coloring agent to promote natural hair color. 

Moisturises Dry Hair

The innate moisturizing properties of the Jatamansi compounds replenish hydration levels in the hair. When mixed with a suitable carrier oil, they provide the required conditioning and nutrition to resolve concerns of hair dryness.

Enhances Scalp Health

The antimicrobial properties of Jatamansi keep a check on all unwanted fungal and bacterial growths. This keeps the scalp healthy and free from concerns like dandruff, itchy scalp, and other scalp-related hair conditions and scalp infections. 

Promotes Shine

A gentle massage of Jatamansi oil mixed with carrier oil acts as a real shine booster for the hair. As the compounds penetrate through the open and damaged hair cuticles, they deeply nourish the hair, promising a thicker and stronger hair.

 Improves Hair Texture

Jatamansi for hair encompasses all properties that help improve hair health. Reduced hair fall, check on dandruff, no split ends, stronger hair from its roots, better hair color, and more. These aspects gradually help improve the hair texture and hair volume. 

What’s the Best Way to Use Jatamansi for Hair?

Jatamansi is an over-the-counter product. It is available in a range of commercial formulations – from whole roots, powdered form, Jatamansi oil to commercially packed Ayurvedic tablets. One can enjoy the jatamansi benefits for hair both through topical application and by consuming the herb. 

  • Boil the jatamansi roots. It can be consumed as decoction after boiling in water or added to bath water for hair wash. 
  • Make a thick paste using jatamansi powder and apply it to the scalp for improved hair growth.
  • Add a few drops of jatamansi oil to a carrier oil for a gentle hair massage for improved scalp health and added shine. 
  • Pop a Jatamansi capsule every day as a supplement for hair and skin.


Jatamansi (spikenard) is seen as a natural remedy for several hair concerns. It is often touted as an effective treatment for male pattern baldness. While it is suitable for all hair types and hair concerns, consult with an Ayurvedic doctor to adjust its use for specific hair issues.

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