Vitamin K for healthy hair roots

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Vitamins and minerals are essential for hair health. Vitamin K plays a key role in fostering hair health. Though not as popular as other vitamins, Vitamin K benefits for hair growth cannot be denied. It aids in the upkeep of hair and scalp health. It facilitates the delivery of essential nutrients to the hair follicles by improving blood circulation. Read on to learn more about Vitamin K uses and how to source Vitamin K in this article.

What is Vitamin K?

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble compound that aids in wound healing, blood clotting, and bone health. It comprises a group of compounds, but the most significant are Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 plays an important role in promoting hair growth. 

The main role of Vitamin K is to stimulate essential proteins in the body as well as ensure proper delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles by improving blood circulation. 

The sources of Vitamin K are green leafy vegetables, cereals, and vegetable oils. If you cannot acquire the required level of Vitamin K for hair through your diet, you can include Vitamin K supplements into your daily routine.

Vitamin K Benefits For Hair

Vitamin K benefits in maintaining hair health are several. Some of the benefits are discussed below:

Inhibits Scalp Calcification

Scalp calcification is when the scalp absorbs more calcium than required, resulting in calcium deposits on the scalp, or soft tissues like blood vessels. This results in the blockage of blood vessels and impairs the transmission of oxygen to hair follicles. Insufficient oxygen supply to hair follicles weakens them and results in hair loss.

Vitamin K plays a key role in maintaining the calcium balance and preventing the deposit of excess calcium in soft tissues or, in other words, calcification. By sorting the issue of scalp calcification, Vitamin K helps maintain healthy hair roots for robust hair growth.

Promotes Regeneration of Hair Strands

Like other vitamins for hair growth, Vitamin K may not directly benefit hair growth, but it strengthens the existing hair strands and prevents hair shedding. This prevents hair loss and avoids thinning of hair.

Has Antioxidant Properties

Similar to vitamins C and E, Vitamin K has antioxidant properties. With potential antioxidant properties, Vitamin K prevents your hair from free radical damage. Using hair care products consisting of Vitamin K will protect your hair from pollution and other environmental damage that steals the brightness and healthy appearance of your hair.

How Does Vitamin K Deficiency Affect Our Hair Health?

Vitamin K deficiency alone does not directly impact hair health. The scalp health will, however, be compromised if you have vitamin K deficiency. Proper blood flow and sufficient oxygen and nutrient supply to hair follicles are crucial to maintain hair health. Vitamin K deficiency will disrupt this process and will disturb the conducive scalp environment required for hair growth.

Sources of Vitamin K

You can derive the required level of Vitamin K by including the following foods in your diet.

  • Green leafy vegetables like cabbage, turnip greens, spinach, broccoli, lettuces, brussels sprouts and kale.
  • Canola and soybean oil
  • Meal replacement shakes fortified with vitamin K
  • Natto or fermented soybeans
  • You can derive trace amounts with meat, eggs, and cheese.

If you are unable to derive vitamin K from your diet, you can incorporate Vitamin K supplements into your daily routine to maintain the required levels of the vitamin.


Vitamin K helps hair growth by aiding scalp health. It provides a conducive environment for hair growth by maintaining scalp health. The primary role of vitamin K is to boost blood circulation and supply essential nutrients to hair follicles, which facilitates hair growth. Include food with Vitamin K into your diet to maintain health levels of the vitamin for overall well-being.

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