Micro Fiber Towel: Does It Really Benefit Your Hair?

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Washing and taking care of hair does not mean just using the right shampoo and conditioner; you need to dry your hair appropriately as well. Traditionally, towels have been the way to do it, but there are other ways, like dryers have also emerged as an option.

But have you ever wondered about their impact on your hair health? Using the wrong towels can damage your hair by making it brittle and increasing split ends. On the contrary, dryers often diminish the moisture in the hair and make the scalp dry.

So, is there any alternative? Well, yes, the micro fiber towel is your ideal option. These towels are more absorbent and ultra-lightweight. Hairstylists and dermatologists suggest this particular towel for its beneficial effect on hair.

Microfiber Towel for Hair Benefits 

A microfiber towel for hair is preferred as it is gentle on hair. Additionally, the lightweight nature of this towel makes it convenient for travel, gym, or on-the-go use. Let’s take a look at the benefits.

  • Are you aware that one of the microfiber towel benefits is that it can dry your hair in half the time? These towels are made up of fibers one-fifth the thickness of human hair, which offers gentleness for wiping your scalp and hair, while also reducing frizziness. 
  • Your towels should not damage your conditioned hair but rather support its effectiveness. These towels made with microfiber can reduce unnecessary frizz and promote the overall smoothness of hair. As these towels are super gentle and high in absorption, they decrease the friction in the hair, which causes breakage. 
  • Using a cotton towel leads to damage when you twist your hair. It can damage the hair’s cuticles and roots, which makes your hair brittle. The soft texture of microfiber towels won’t cause any damage to the hair follicles. Hence, you must choose the best microfiber towel available.
  • The microfiber towel’s antimicrobial and antibacterial properties can help keep your hair and scalp healthy and your microbiome in check.  

Best Ways to Use Micro Fiber Towel

These types of towels are easy to store and cheap to purchase. A micro fiber towel easily absorbs excess water from your hair after a wash. Owing to its gentle texture, your hair quality will improve noticeably. Now, it is time to know the best way to use it –

  • First, you have to tumble your hair to the front and then put the towel around in a position where the button is, at the back of your head. 
  • By using the longer part of the towel, wrap your hair length. 
  • After successfully doing the second step, pull the secure loop across your head by fixing the button at the back. 


With a multitude of benefits, micro fiber towel needs a bit of special care to keep it in good condition. You should avoid washing microfiber towels with cotton towels. Otherwise, you will notice the lint of cotton towels in them. 

To get smooth and strong hair, you must switch from cotton towels to microfiber towels. Embrace the benefits of microfiber towels and incorporate them into your lifestyle for the best drying process

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are microfiber towels good for your hair?

Ans: Microfiber towels reduce the friction in hair and lead to healthy hair.

Q2. Which is better, microfiber or cotton towel for hair?

 Ans: Microfiber towels are better to use for hair care.

Q3. How long should I leave my hair in a towel?

Ans: You should take off the towel from your hair after 15 minutes.

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