3 Reasons Why You May Have a Dark Neck

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The skin around your neck is prone to darkening if you have certain medical conditions, are exposed to sunlight, have hormonal changes, etc. A dark neck is a prevalent condition that also results in changes to the skin’s texture. 

Though it is not a medical emergency, you should not neglect it. Reach out to medical professionals to know the reason behind such skin occurrences. You can also opt for home remedies and medical treatment to eliminate it. To learn how to remove dark neck and the underlying reasons for such conditions, go through the sections below!

What are the Causes of Dark Neck?

Following are the three main reasons why you may have a dark neck

1. Hyperpigmentation

The dark neck can also occur from drug-induced pigmentation. Drugs that result in the dark neck are amiodarone, phenytoin, tetracyclines, antimalarials, etc. Endocrine disorders and obesity also lead to pigmented skin around the armpit and neck. You can notice your neck skin gets darker if you have a condition like Dyskeratosis congenita or Zinsser-Engman-Cole syndrome. 

2. Acanthosis Nigricans

Acanthosis Nigricans is a condition that is common in diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals. In this condition, the skin not only turns darker, but its texture changes and turns thicker and velvety. Acanthosis Nigricans is not contagious and is related to the level of insulin. This condition also surfaces if you are on drugs and supplements. 

3. Sun Exposure

You can have a dark neck even due to overexposure to the sun. The skin gets darker when you are under the sun for a long time. 

Even chemicals that are used in cosmetic and skincare products can also cause skin discoloration. Hence, you must exercise caution while using any product.  

Some Home Remedies for Dark Neck

Here are some remedies for dark neck that you must know about – 

  • Homemade Masks: You can prepare a mask using natural ingredients like yogurt, lemon, turmeric, honey, lemon, gram flour, etc. Ingredients like yogurt contain lactic acid, which works as a skin-lightening agent. Even turmeric and lemon help in reducing pigmentation. Use the mask all around your face and neck 2 to 3 times a week, and you start observing the changes. 
  • Use Aloe Vera: Aloe vera also works and has skin-lightening abilities. Aloin that is present in aloe vera is the natural depigmenting agent. Use aloe vera on the darkened area of your neck and leave it overnight. 
  • Using Apple Cider Vinegar: The presence of acetic acid in cider vinegar also helps lighten pigmentation. You must dilute it with water and apply it to your neck. 

Besides, you also must look into your diet, nutrition, and hydration, as all of these are vital for skin health that helps in enhancing skin tone, texture, and skin cell turnover.

With all these effective measures mentioned above, you can put an end to your search on ‘how to remove dark neck’. 


In the current environment where the pollution levels are increasing every day, having a dark neck is not abnormal. But, if you wish to maintain the glow of your skin, you can get rid of it by following some easy methods. So, keep the suggestions mentioned above in mind and work accordingly for dark neck removal.

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