Best Hair Oil for Hair Growth: A List of Top 6

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Hair oiling involves pouring hair over the scalp and massing it deep into the scalp. It is done to strengthen hair and add shine to the hair. It is especially effective if you tend to have dry and frizzy hair after a hair wash because it makes up for the moisture ripped off during the wash. Therefore, hair oiling is not just helpful but important for your hair’s health.

You may wonder which is the best hair oil for hair growth, what ingredients make them so effective, and how to use them for maximum benefits. Scroll down to find out.

Key Ingredients in Hair Growth Oils

The following list elaborates on the best hair oil for hair growth and the nourishing ingredients that land them in the list of top hair oils:
1. Castor Oil
Although there are no particular studies that vouch for the hair-growing capabilities of castor oil, it is popularly used as a massage oil. Castor oil is rich in a compound called ricinoleic acid that enhances its moisturizing properties, making it ideal for use on dry hair.

Castor oil also has great permeability, making it go deep into the scalp and nourishing hair follicles. The ricin and ricinoleic acid boosts this oil’s antifungal and anti-microbial properties, which help fight scalp infections.
2. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is a light hair oil widely used in Asian countries. It is rich in a lot of fatty acids and antioxidants great for nourishing and protecting your hair from damage caused by free radicals. Along with moisturizing, coconut oil also has effective cleansing properties so it is widely used in shampoos.

Coconut oil helps manage scalp fungal infections and dandruff. Coconut oil is a perfect emollient, ideal for coating hair strands with moisture and preventing friction that may otherwise lead to frizzy hair.
3. Argan Oil
Argan oil is obtained from the Argania spinose kernel grown in the Morrocan desert area. It is used in many popular skincare and hair care products, making it a superhero ingredient in the cosmeceutical industry. It is high in oleic acid, which helps regulate sebum production in the scalp. It is a good humectant making it wonderful at holding moisture.

Moreover, one study notes that argan oil improves hair elasticity within 2 months. This is why it is great for brittle hair prone to breakage and split ends.
4. Olive Oil
Olive is commonly used in Mediterranean countries, known for its excellent emollient properties that can help seal moisture to the cuticles. One amazing quality of olive oil is that it provides some protection against UVB rays.

You can use olive oil with honey and beeswax in equal amounts to create an effective remedy against pruritis and symptoms such as redness, itching, scaling, and thickening. Thus, olive oil on the scalp can help combat infection and support hair growth.
5. Fenugreek Oil
Also known as Greek hay, fenugreek works miraculously to grow hair in conditions like alopecia. Actually, fenugreek oil inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone, a type of male hormone known to cause hair loss if produced in excess. Its moisturizing properties make it ideal for coating hair strands and preventing breakage. It is a fast hair growth oil for those experiencing stunted hair growth.
6. Amla Oil
Amla oil is an abundant source of vitamin C that can help combat scalp infection and bacterial buildup. Using amla oil on hair acts as a preventive treatment against gray hair. It is widely used in India to treat premature gray hair and weak hair. It is famously known as the best hair oil for hair fall.

Which One is the Best Hair Oil for Hair Growth?

All of the oils discussed in the above section work wonderfully to nourish your hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. You can use any of these. However, if you want to address any particular hair concerns, you can refer to the following list to find the best hair oil for hair growth for yourself:

Oily hair – coconut oil, olive oil
Dry hair – castor oil, argan oil
Brittle hair – fenugreek oil, amla oil
Grey hair – amla oil
Alopecia or hair loss – fenugreek oil

How to Use Hair Oils for Maximum Benefit?

To make the best use of the oil and its nutrients, you can use the following hair oiling tips:

  • Massage oil on a clean scalp to improve absorption.
  • Heat the oil a little to enhance the soothing effect and improve permeability.
  • Massage with gentle circular movements to avoid breakage.
  • Put oil in your hair and scalp around at least twice a week to see better results.
  • Continue the process religiously for at least 2-3 months to see results.

In Conclusion

You can pick the best hair oil for hair growth as per your hair and scalp concerns. If you are looking for best oil for hair growth and thickness, go with argan oil and castor oil, and for the the best hair oil for hair fall, you can try fenugreek oil. Amla oil is the best for treating grey hair. You also need to follow the proper hair oiling technique in order to get the maximum benefits.


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