Benefits of Coffee Bean Extract for Hair

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Coffee beans offer a range of potential benefits for the body, including promoting healthier hair. Packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, coffee beans have gained popularity as a natural remedy for enhancing hair health. Many beauty treatments for hair incorporate the use of coffee beans. Explore the coffee bean uses in hair care to discover their potential advantages.

Coffee Bean Benefits for Hair

Coffee bean extract benefits your hair’s health and appearance in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Promotes Hair Growth: Caffeine in coffee beans boosts the division of matrix cells in healthy hair follicles, increasing hair growth. This division of cells takes place roughly every 39 hours, causing elongation of hair strands. Furthermore, the antioxidant nature of caffeine leads to reduced transepidermal water loss and results in improved formation of healthy hair cells. Caffeine works for both females and males by producing more follicles. It is seen to have the function of stimulating keratinocytes, an essential cell for producing keratin protein that serves as one of the key components of hair. In addition, caffeine is a stimulant and increases the blood flow to hair follicles. The better circulation makes it possible for hair shafts to elongate faster.
  • Exfoliates the Scalp: The coarse texture of ground coffee beans is a major factor behind its effectiveness in helping you shed the layer of dead skin cells that builds up on the scalp. Gently massaging the coffee grounds into the scalp helps get rid of dead, accumulated skin cells and product buildup. This natural exfoliation also provides better blood and oxygen supply to the scalp and an overall healthy scalp. However, the exfoliation process must be performed gently so that people would not have an irritated scalp or even worse, hair breakage. Washing the hair and scalp with warm water is important after exfoliating to prevent residual buildups.
  • Reduces Hair Loss: Caffeine helps in stimulating the hair follicles and this enables it to offer great benefits when fighting hypertrichosis or alopecia. Application of caffeine formulations on oily scalps has also been proven to control hair loss and promote remarkable regrowth. In men with hair loss, a typical reason for the problem is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Caffeine prevents DHT from affecting hair follicles. Further, caffeine has a prolongation effect on the anagen phase, which refers to the hair growth phase. DHT levels being increased could result in hair loss in females as well. The administration of caffeine is a good treatment option for such cases.
  • Makes Hair Healthier and Shinier: The antioxidant content of caffeine as well as the presence of some potent nutrients help in strengthening the hair follicles and make your hair healthier and shinier. Rinsing of hair with coffee helps eliminate dullness, makes hair smoother than it was before and gets rid of frizziness in addition to reviving the strands. Contrary to misconceptions that caffeine has a dehydrating effect on hair and can rob it of moisture and natural shine, caffeine actually improves hair’s ability to retain moisture. In addition, caffeine promotes circulation of blood and helps in the nutrient delivery to the roots of hair, contributing to overall healthy hair.
  • Darkens the Hair: For those looking to naturally dye or darken their hair, a coffee rinse is a recommended option. The dark color of coffee can effectively stain the hair, providing a quick and natural solution to hide gray hair.

Coffee Bean Extract Uses in Hair Care

Hair health can be improved with coffee bean extract in many different ways. Some coffee-infused hair products that are readily available in the market can be used by you for quick results. Alternatively, you can also consider for some DIY coffee bean remedies, such as:

  • Coffee Hair Mask: Mix 2 teaspoons of coffee powder with 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of carrier oil like olive, coconut or almond oil. Apply the paste symmetrically to your hair and scalp with a hand brush. Using the shower cap, you can cover your hair and keep the mask on for 20 minutes. Wash off the coffee mask with warm water.
  • Coffee Scrub: Mix ground coffee beans with granulated sugar to make a scrub. In order to exfoliate, apply the mixture to a wet scalp by massaging it gently for around 15 minutes. Leave it on your head for about half an hour. For a truly fresh scalp, use a mild shampoo and cold water to rinse off the scrub.
  • Coffee Oil: Take two cups (480 ml) of your preferred carrier oil (olive, coconut or almond oil). Add a quarter cup of roasted coffee beans and let the mixture simmer on low temperature for approximately 7 to 8 hours. Let it cool down and store it in a bottle. Massage the coffee oil in your scalp at night and wash it off in the morning for well-moisturized mane.

Coffee beans serve as a natural one-stop cure for many of the existing hair woes. There are different types of advantages associated with coffee. Amongst them are minimization of hair loss, promotion of hair growth and prevention of premature greying. Whether someone prefers to use caffeine-based products available in the market or sticks to a do-it-yourself style, it may take a while to bring about the desired changes.

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