Baby Oil: Should You be Using It?

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Contrary to popular opinion, baby oil is not just meant for use by babies! It is a common belief that any product made for babies can be safe to use for adults too, especially for those having sensitive skin. However, how effective can these baby products be for adults? Let us take a look at this in the context of baby oil and the beauty benefits it has for adults. Read on! 

Characteristics of Baby Oil

Baby skin is very delicate and the products meant for use by babies are manufactured keeping this aspect in mind. A moisturizing clear liquid that is usually applied on their bodies after a bath, mineral oil forms the major component of baby oil with a little bit of fragrance added. Its hypoallergenic nature makes it highly suitable for adult use irrespective of the skin type as it nourishes the skin deeply and keeps it soft and healthy. Owing to their paraben-free and dye-free qualities, baby hair oil is extremely beneficial for cuticle care, makeup removal, haircare, and skincare. 

Benefits of Baby Oil and How to Use It?

Baby oil is derived from petroleum and is widely used in moisturizers and fragrances. There are a few possible benefits of baby oil for skin, let’s discuss them one by one.

  • As a Moisturizer

Dry skin patches that need healing require intense moisturization and baby oil is a non-toxic alternative to harsh, chemical-based creams. However, it should not be overused on the face as it may lead to clogged pores culminating in acne. 

  • As a Makeup Remover

If you are someone who vouches for makeup removal with an oil-based cleanser, then baby oil can be your go-to! A gentle application and rubbing off with a piece of cotton ensures dissolved makeup and eliminates dirt buildup. However, it is important to cleanse the face with a gentle cleanser after having used the oil to remove makeup.

  • As a Shaving Oil

Shaving off body hair leads to itchy skin and prickly regrowth. Using baby oil instead of shaving cream ensures a close shave while keeping the skin moisturized and soft. It can also be effectively used after a waxing session to soothe the skin and remove excess wax from it.

  • To Reduce the Appearance of Scars and Stretch Marks

A highly effective moisturizer, baby oil helps in refreshing the damaged skin of scarred areas. It thus plumps up the skin, reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

  • As a Foot Care Product

Best baby hair oil contains Vitamins A and E that rejuvenate the hard skin of the foot, especially the sole. It not only heals cracked heels but also acts as a great moisturizer to end a pedicure session with. 


Baby oil has a lot of miscellaneous uses apart from just using it for its moisturizing properties. Keeping a bottle of baby oil on your nightstand can come in handy in more ways than one. Be it to freshen up your under eyes at night, to pair it up with your sunscreen during the day, or to use it to brighten and heal cracked elbows, this oil works wonders without having any side effects. 

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