5 Skin Tools You Should Try for a Lasting Glow

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Skin tools are used for various reasons to enhance skincare routines’ effectiveness and improve the skin’s overall health and appearance. Here are the top 5 options you can look at –

Jade rollers have two ends, each with a spherical jade stone. In addition to massaging your face, you can spread serums, oils, and moisturizers across your skin by rolling stones. This feels wonderful and aids in getting an even application.

  • Face Mask Spatula

A face mask spatula is important and you’d be amazed how much it can improve a masking session. Instead of using your fingers, you can dip the spatula into the mask to help you spread an even coating of it on your face. You won’t overlook any locations and won’t end up with the mask attached to your fingernails. 

  • Face Cleansing Brushes

You can wash your face with only your hands and a face wash, but occasionally, it’s great to go one step further. To clean the face thoroughly, use cleansing brushes. You may use both manual and electric brushes that you move in circular motions to cleanse your face. 

  • Gua Sha

Gua sha is a flat stone used as the tool itself to apply a distinct kind of facial massage to the skin. Compared to a face roller, more significant pressure is typically applied with gua sha, and the intensity is slightly higher. Rose quartz is the most popular stone used in gua sha tools; however, other stones can also be used. 

  • Obsidian Rollers

Obsidian rollers are the last type of face roller we want to discuss with you. Obsidian’s claim to fame is that it is said to provide stress protection. It’s debatable whether that is accurate, but there is no denying the benefits of face massage for stress relief.


Although skin care tools can be helpful, using them correctly and according to the manufacturer’s directions is important to prevent any negative effects or skin injury. Always wash and disinfect your skincare tools after each use to ensure cleanliness. To prevent any potential harm to your skin, always adhere to the instructions included with each tool and treat it gently. You can also determine the best skin tools for your particular skin type and problems by speaking with a physician or skincare expert.

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