4 Excellent Humidifier Benefits for Hair

Rohit Kushwah

Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Extreme chill or hot and humid conditions take a toll on wellness, affecting the body in endless ways. But it’s the skin and hair that suffer visible damage. Beauty industry experts are therefore advocating using humidifiers as a possible solution. Read through to know about the many humidifier benefits for hair health.

How Do Humidifiers Work?

Both winter and summer months trigger their own set of hair concerns. The reason is a disturbance in the humidity levels. A humidifier is an electronic gadget that gradually releases tiny water droplets into the air. 

This helps reduce air dryness during the cool winter months. On the other hand, in the hot and humid months of the year, a humidifier helps bring down elevated humidity to optimal levels.  

Advantages of Humidifiers for Hair

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of humidifiers for hair:

No More Frizzy Days

During winters the moisture levels in the air drop. This causes the hair to dry out. Frizzy hair during winter is a result of a lack of moisture in the hair. 

On the other hand, during summer, the damaged cuticles absorb the water from the air, making the hair strands swell up and appear frizzy. 

Say Goodbye To Dandruff And Dry Scalp

Temperature variations cause the hair and scalp to dry out. Itchy and flaky scalp with dandruff are the most common concerns during these times. But a humidifier for hair works wonders as it maintains a balanced moisture level in the air, working as an effective solution for common hair concerns.

Correction For Split Ends

Dry and damaged hair is more prone to split ends. A humidifier helps maintain the hair’s natural moisture levels which improves hair elasticity. It also hydrates the hair, correcting the problem of split ends and lifeless hair.

Say Hello To Manageable Hair

Coarse and unruly hair is hard to manage. They are dry and brittle which makes them appear rough. But with optimal levels of moisture in the air, the hair is healthy, soft, and more manageable. 

How to Use Humidifiers for Hair Correctly?

Like any other machine, correct use is the key to reaping the full range of humidifier benefits. As not all humidifiers work the same way, it is important to read the instructions manual properly. Here are a few tips to consider for correct usage:

  • Choose the Right Humidifier – While a central humidifier is a fixed and non-portable unit, you can also choose between portable versions like an evaporator, cool mist impeller, warm mist steam vaporizer, and an ultrasonic unit. 
  • Adjust Humidity Levels – The humidity levels should be optimal. The ideal humidity levels range between 30% -50%. 
  • Use Distilled Water – The water used in the machines is emitted as water vapors. So make sure it is not contaminated. Distilled water is the safest as it is sans any unhealthy mineral particles.
  • Indulge in Regular Cleaning – Keep your machine clean. Change the water in the tank every day and disinfect the tank every 3-5 days. This is important to eliminate the growth of fungus and bacteria.
  • Ensure Proper Room Ventilation – Make sure the room is well-ventilated. Keep the doors and windows open to allow proper flow of air. This helps maintain air quality and helps minimize the risk of excessive humidification. 


The use of a humidifier helps regulate moisture levels in the air. But while humidifier benefits are profound, the gadget must be used with utmost care to avoid the side effects linked to its use. 

Rohit Kushwah


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