How to Take Care of Damaged Hair?

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Damaged hair can look frizzy, dull, untameable, or tangled. This can be due to many reasons – excessive use of heat, bleaching of hair, frequently coloring your hair, and not oiling enough. Permanent treatment of hair cannot be promised. However, one can try and see improvement with patience. It needs time and care.

Tips to Manage Damaged Hair

Treating spoiled hair in its early stage is essential. Reason being – it ensures the damage is not exceeding and remains manageable. Here are some of the easy ways you can try to repair your damaged hair:

  • Hair Care Routine: Damaged hair repair is not always a costly affair. You can attempt it at your home with just a few products. However, before starting anything new, you need to do some research on your hair type. You have to understand what is the exact reason your hair is facing such damage in the first place.
    Since the remedy depends on the cause, accordingly, you have to buy shampoo, conditioner, serum, oils, etc. Make sure you purchase products which are paraben and sulfate-free as these ingredients are highly harmful to hair.
  • Use the Right Hair Serum: Hair serum is one of the primary damaged hair solutions that you can go for. The serum nourishes the hair strands and protects it from heat and frizz. Further, it adds to the shine. The rule is to take a little bit of hair serum on your palm and rub it evenly then apply it gently on the ends of your hair and not at the root.
  • Hair Trimming: For damaged hair repair, a haircut is an essential step. Hair stylists and professionals usually suggest a haircut after every 3 months at max. Hair trimming helps in the split ends. When you have split ends, your hair can not grow past those ends. So, it becomes necessary to cut them out.
  • Oiling Your Hair: This is the best hair damage solution at home. Oiling makes your hair healthy from the inside of your roots. Coconut oil is one of the most commonly suggested hair growth and health maintenance products. You can also use olive oil to nourish dry hair.
    In order to prevent frizz, you can go for almond oil. For preventing breakage of hair strands, Argan oil is the best, which provides vitamin E and A.
  • Hair Mask: Another best option for repairing damaged and dry hair is to use a hair mask. It is not difficult to prepare a mask at home; you can just use items you already have.
    Egg is one thing that can be used on its own without adding anything extra. Mix the egg white with the lemon. Apply the mixture to your hair and cover it with a shower cap for better results. Keep for around 30 minutes and then rinse with a mild shampoo. The egg gives shine to your hair while lemon helps in removing product residue from your hair. Another home-based thing to use for damaged hair repair is a banana. You can just smash the banana with curd and mix well. Apply the mixture to the hair and leave for around 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with a gentle shampoo.



Damaged hair is a reality of modern times owing to the rising pollution and humidity along with the excessive use of products. However, recovering from that is also possible with planning and opting for the right treatment. So, keep the pointers mentioned above in mind and check the results.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a day should I brush my hair?

There is no such limit on how many times is the ideal, but remember to avoid brushing wet hair.

Is leave-in conditioner good for damaged hair?

Yes, a leave-in conditioner is effective if your hair is too frizzy.

Is there any specific type of comb that reduces hair breakage?

A wide-tooth comb is best for detangling frizzy hair and also helps reduce the possibility of hair breakage.

Should I use hot water for washing my hair?

No, hot water is never good for your hair, and you should always use cold or lukewarm water for washing.

Can I repair my damaged hair fully?

Yes, you can definitely repair the damaged hair to a certain extent. If the damage is severe, then it might take longer.

How frequently can I color my hair?

Hair experts say that usually, there should be a gap of at least 6-8 weeks before two hair color sessions.


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