The Unmissable Camphor Uses for Hair

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Camphor or Karpura as we all know it, is a waxy translucent substance extracted from the bark of the camphor tree. In traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, camphor uses are widespread – from an ingredient in vapor rubs, a soothing agent in skin creams, as a must-have for religious ceremonies, and more. But do you know about the camphor uses for hair? Let’s take a look.

Camphor Benefits for Hair

The innate properties of camphor make it an extremely helpful ingredient in hair care routine. Studies suggest the use of camphor can have a stimulating effect on the hair follicles. Here’s all about the advantage of camphor in hair care routine:

Strengthens the Roots

Camphor provides nourishing nutrients to the roots of the hair. The use of camphor as an ingredient in a DIY hair mask strengthens and nourishes the hair from the roots. Also, as camphor nutrients give a boost to the blood circulation in the scalp, the roots become healthy and strong. 

Eliminates Head Lice

Having head lice can be an embarrassing situation to be in. But don’t worry, the key advantage of using camphor on hair is that the cool and hot sensation that camphor makes acts as a repellent for head lice. 

Improves Scalp Condition

Conditions like scalp folliculitis are triggered due to bacterial overgrowth. Studies show that camphor compounds inhibit bacterial growth and prevent them from entering the scalp through hair follicles or open wounds. This protects the scalp from harmful bacterial invasions.

Dandruff Control

In Ayurveda, camphor is used as an anti-fungal remedy. Its innate properties prevent the Malassezia yeast proliferation on the scalp, keeping the scalp dandruff-free.

Potent Scalp Cleanser

Camphor has both scraping and bad odor-reducing properties. These qualities make it an excellent scalp cleanser and detoxifier. The scraping action of camphor de-clogs the scalp pores and allows better penetration of hair care products.

Controls Hair Loss

Camphor is both an antifungal and anti-bacterial compound. Furthermore, the hot and cold sensations stimulate the hair follicles, keep the scalp healthy and increase blood supply. The camphor benefits actively reverse hair loss problems. 

Improves Hair Texture

Hair that is healthier at the roots, grows better and faster. The nourishing properties of camphor prevent hair dryness, breakage, and split ends. This improves the quality of the hair shaft and makes it visibly soft and healthier. 

Slows Down Premature Hair Graying

Premature hair graying happens when hair begins to lose its natural pigment. The nourishing compounds of camphor help the hair follicles retain their hair pigment. 

Ayurvedic Camphor Remedies

Camphor is often used alongside other ingredients to improve hair concerns. Here is how to enjoy the camphor benefits for improved hair health:

Camphor for Hair Growth– Use camphor along with bhringraj, amalaki, and coconut oil

Camphor for Hair Fall – To improve hair follicle health and promote new hair growth, use camphor with gunja and vata.

Camphor for Scalp Acne – To enhance the antimicrobial properties of camphor, use it with haritaki and cedar.

Camphor for Dandruff – Camphor, gandhak, and reetha possess antifungal properties. They also pack the natural compounds to cleanse and moisturize the scalp.  

Camphor for Head Lice – Mix camphor, neem, and coconut oil as an active remedy to eliminate head lice. 

Camphor for Itchy Scalp – Scalp irritation and itchiness are often a result of a dry scalp. Use olive oil infused with camphor powder or tablets for immediate relief.

Camphor for Improved Hair Texture – Camphor mixed with hibiscus and sesame or jojoba oil, form a protective layer on the hair shaft. This corrects dry and dull hair, reduces split ends, and improves hair texture. 

Camphor for Gray Hair – Add bhringraj and amalaki to camphor hair oil as a home remedy for gray hair. 


Camphor is a natural compound with multiple benefits. However excessive use can trigger allergic reactions, especially in people with sensitive skin. Also, do not use camphor or camphor-infused hair products that contain more than 11% camphor. Camphor oil must be used with caution. Consult a doctor for individual advice on camphor uses for hair.

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