Hair Care Routine for People Who Have Fine Hair

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Fine hair refers to the type of hair where the individual strands are extremely thin in diameter. Although this hair type can be very soft and silky, poor care may lead to breakage or damage. Grease builds up on fine hair incredibly fast and it is difficult to style it. It also breaks very easily. Additionally, it tends to get dry, limp and frizzy quite often. In essence, it can be very hard and stressful to keep fine hair healthy and manageable. So, here are some tips that will help you come up with an excellent hair care routine for your delicate hair.

What is the Best Hair Care Routine for Fine Hair?

To create the best hair care routine for fine hair, keep the following tips in mind:

Improve the Shampoo Routine

People with fine hair may have to deal with oily roots and lifeless hair strands that require frequent washing. Even so, excessive shampooing can cause the strands to become dry, which results in dehydrated, limp hair. So, try to wash your fine hair only once or twice each week. Try using a dry shampoo in case your hair gets greasy before you wash it again. Dry shampoo can help absorb extra oils and sebum from the scalp without causing too much dryness in the strands. Further, it is among the best hair products for volume, providing good texture and fullness to your hair.

Be Careful with Conditioner

Contrary to popular perception, a conditioner can actually be a very useful element of a hair care routine for fine hair, especially those who normally make use of a volumizing shampoo. Since these shampoos can make the scalp very dry and stimulate an overproduction of oils, using a conditioner can help in maintaining the balance. However, keep in mind that using the conditioner correctly is of immense importance in case of fine hair. Make sure to apply your chosen conditioner at least four inches away from the scalp all the way to the tips because applying it to the roots can weigh you down. If you opt for a leave-in conditioner, then pick a lightweight formula that is specially designed for fine hair. 

Be Gentle While Detangling

Fine hair gets tangled pretty easily, which can cause breakage. While brushing away the tangles may seem like a good idea, it can lead to aggressive tugging and cause hair to break. The better alternative is to use a wide-toothed comb to gently remove the tangles. The wide spaces between the teeth of these combs make it easier on the hair.  

Avoid Heat Styling

As mentioned before, fine hair is highly prone to breakage, which makes heat styling inadvisable. Nevertheless, in case you use heat styling, select low temperatures settings and buy tools with temperature-safety features. One should also make sure to use a heat protectant during styling to keep the hair strands safe from too much heat.

Prioritize Hydration

Fine hair gets dehydrated and damaged very easily. So, it has to be kept hydrated always. Using moisturizing products with ingredients like almond and argan oils can revive and nourish your hair. Also, consider adding a serum or a leave-in conditioner formulated for fine hair into your daily hair care routine for an added boost of hydration.


It does not matter if one has fine hair. Following these few simple steps will enable you to develop a basic hair care routine that leads to healthy, lovely hair. Buy quality products tailored for fine hair, prioritize hydration and minimize the use of heat styling. These are some easy daily habits you need to adopt for your hair’s wellness.

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