Why Use a Wooden Comb? 4 Important Benefits for Your Hair

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While plastic combs are commonly used, a wooden comb offers a wide range of unique advantages with its smooth and polished surface. They help to reduce friction, along with preventing hair damage and breakage. While promoting nourishment and moisture retention, it prevents frizzy hair.

So, discover the effects of using a wooden comb in your daily hair-care routine

Wooden Comb Benefits

Switching to a wooden comb will definitely be beneficial for your hair as well as the environment. Using combs made out of wood will significantly help you to achieve good scalp health. The highlighting benefits of this comb are the followings:

  • The wooden comb gently massages the scalp by triggering the acupuncture points. Thus, it increases blood circulation in the scalp and improves the flow of oxygen. 
  • Plastic combs increase static energy in the hair scalp, leading to hair damage and breakage. On the other hand, a wooden comb prevents your mane by avoiding the static charge.
  • Have you ever experienced an oily scalp but dry hair? This can happen when the oils produced by the scalp are not evenly distributed. Wooden comb for hair has the ability to distribute the oil throughout the hair.
  • Wooden combs usually glide easily through the hair. Thus, it detangles hair with minimum effort and reduces breakage and hair loss. 

Choosing the Best Wooden Comb

When you are going to find the best wooden combs, you have to remember a few factors. The wood it is made of, and the benefits of the particular wood. Wooden combs are generally made of boxwood, cherry wood, or other fine-grained wood. 

Among these variants, you must opt for neem wood as it is the best choice for each and every type of hair for its natural antiseptic properties. By using it, you will get rid of itchiness in the scalp. Additionally, it locks moisture in the scalp while combating dandruff too.  

For its natural and herbal benefits, professional hair stylists and beauticians recommend this neem wooden comb for getting healthy hair. 


Using sustainable products on hair will significantly aid you in achieving good hair health. Avoiding chemicals from your hair-care routine is not the only decision to have good hair; you must opt for a neem wooden comb. There are various types of combs available in the market according to your hair, like fine-tooth combs, detangling combs and so on. Incorporating this effective tool would lead to the healthy and lustrous hair that you desire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should I use a wooden comb before or after a regular scalp massage?

Ans: You can detangle your hair with wooden combs before your scalp massage to avoid breakage.

Q2. How does a neem comb work?

Ans: A neem wooden comb not only soothes your scalp it also does not cause friction and thus prevents hair damage. 

Q3. Can I wash wooden combs?

Ans: You can definitely wash wooden combs with water and mild soap.

Q4. How many times should I comb my hair in a day?

Ans: You should comb your hair at least twice a day. However, it’s best to avoid over brushing as it may cause hair damage. 

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