Hair Serum for Men: What Does It Actually Do?

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

If you are experiencing constant hair concerns and the common home remedies aren’t doing the trick, a hair serum can provide possible relief. Just like the one for women, a hair serum for men is specifically designed to address the key hair concerns that men experience. 

What is a Hair Serum?

It is a liquid formulation that is actively enriched with ingredients that provide nutrition and nourishment to the hair cells. At the core of it, it contains silicon that forms a protective covering on the hair strands. As it does not penetrate through the hair cuticles, it does not bring about any structural change in the hair. It is simply responsible for the outward improvement of hair quality. 

Benefits of Hair Serum for Men

Wondering what a hair serum can do to men’s hair? Well, let’s take a look: 

Strengthens Hair

The base ingredient of a hair serum for men is silicon. It forms a layer on the hair shaft that protects the hair from all external factors/stressors. To maximize the benefits, other additional nutrients and fatty acids enter the hair strands making the hair stronger from within. 

No Frizz 

Hair frizz is a result of dry, dehydrated hair. Say bye to hair frizz simply by using a good male hair serum. The ingredients present in the hair serum boost hydration in the hair strands. As the hair absorbs the beneficial moisture, it becomes manageable without the undesirable frizz. 

Shine Booster

The innate coating property of silicon along with its illustrious shine confer that perfect shine to the hair. The hair appears healthier and shinier.

Protection for Coloured Hair

Exposure to UV rays is detrimental to hair health. But a male hair serum (designed for colored hair) provides a protective shield that does not allow penetration of these harmful rays, safeguarding the colored hair from fading. 

Supports Hair Growth  

A hair growth serum for men seems promising against hair loss. Almost 30-50% of the men by age 50 experience hair loss. But you need to pick the one that packs ingredients that support hair growth. 

Corrects Brittle And Damaged Hair

Low hydration levels in the hair weaken the hair bonds. The result is brittle and damaged hair. A hair serum for men replenishes the lost moisture, protecting from unwanted breakage and split ends. 

How to use Hair Serum for Men? 

Like any other hair care product, hair serum for men also has a ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ list. Following the instructions on ‘how to apply hair serum’ is essential for maximizing the benefits. 

What to Do?

The ‘to dos’ list starts with clearly understanding your hair type. Curly, wavy, thick, thin, straight, and more – all hair textures have a texture-specific hair serum. 

Hair serum must be applied to clean and damp hair. Hair serums typically have a thick consistency. Therefore, take a few drops in the palms and rub them well before applying them to the hair. Ensure it is spread evenly all across.

What Not to Do?

Things to avoid when using a male hair serum are: Do not apply the serum to the roots. Remember, not to over-apply as more is not always healthy. Only apply the serum after reading the product-specific instructions. 


Adding a hair serum to the daily hair care routine is an easy way to seek relief from several hair concerns. By choosing the right hair growth serum for men and knowing how to use it, you can experience a noticeable difference in hair health. But it all starts with choosing the right hair serum.

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