Glutamine For Healthy Roots: 7 Key Benefits

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Proteins and amino acids are vital for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. 40% of these compounds are lost during a one-hour moderate workout, demanding replenishment for muscle strength. Amino acids, the body’s building blocks for proteins and peptides, occur naturally, even in hair and skin. Glutamine, a key amino acid, significantly impacts hair health. In this blog, discover glutamine benefits for hair and how to maintain optimal glutamine levels.

What is Glutamine?

First, let’s understand what is glutamine. It is a naturally present amino acid that decreases as we age. Stress, moderate exercise, or surgery can lower Glutamine levels, necessitating replenishment through Glutamine-rich foods or supplements. Just as proteins are vital for muscle strength and density, Glutamine is crucial in maintaining healthy hair.

Glutamine Benefits for Hair

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the body. It is naturally produced in the body by including protein-rich foods.  Maintaining healthy glutamine levels is necessary for various bodily functions, including hair growth. Let us understand Glutamine uses and benefits for hair growth.

Building Block of Proteins

Glutamine is the building block of proteins. Hair is primarily made of keratin, a protein that is a vital component of hair.  Maintaining adequate levels of glutamine is necessary for hair growth. By consuming glutamine, you will facilitate the necessary production of proteins for hair structure.

Reduces Stress Levels

The neurotransmitter Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) slows down brain functions that help relieve stress and anxiety. GABA is naturally released by the body at the end of the day to promote a blissful sleep.  L-Glutaimine serves as a fuel to create GABA. Depleted levels of Glutamine result in insufficient production of GABA, which manifests in the form of stress. By relieving stress, glutamine helps prevent issues like hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth.

Enhances Cellular Energy 

Glutamine sources energy for the cells in the hair follicles. Cellular energy is crucial for the production of new hair and for maintaining healthy hair growth. The cellular energy in hair follicles depends largely on Glutamine levels. A decline in the Glutamine levels will impact hair growth and result in hair thinning.

Boosts Wound Healing Process

Wounds due to injuries, or surgeries heal with the help of Glutamine. Disruption in normal bodily functions such as in wounds or any or any other illness may slow down hair growth. Glutamine accelerates the wound healing process and indirectly assists in the upkeep of hair growth as well as overall health. 

Enhances Collagen Production

Hair follicles derive the structural support and strength from collagen produced in the body. Collagen also maintains the elasticity of the hair and prevents breakage. Glutamine is essential for collagen synthesis, and glutamine deficiency restricts collagen synthesis, which results in hair loss.

Bolsters Nutrition Absorption

Vitamins and minerals are essential for robust hair growth. Glutamine for hair helps in the effective absorption of these nutrients from your diet and directly supports overall well-being as well as hair growth.

Boosts Immunity

Getting infected easily can hamper hair health. A strong immune system protects you from infections. Glutamine boosts the immune system and prevents infections that have a negative impact on the hair follicles, which helps preserve hair health.

Toxic Effects of Glutamine

Though Glutamine is safe, in rare cases, it may cause some minor side effects when consumed beyond the recommended dosage. Some of the toxic effects are:

  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Nausea
  • Allergic Reactions


Glutamine, a valuable amino acid aids in hair growth and preserving hair health by boosting cellular energy and the immune system, accelerating the wound-healing process, enhancing collagen production, and supporting the absorption of essential nutrients. To improve Glutamine levels include protein-rich foods in your diet. Protein-rich foods produce glutamine which can aid hair health as well as overall well-being.


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