Coal Tar Shampoo: Your Solution for Dandruff and Scalp Health

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Dandruff, characterized by a flaky, itchy scalp, is a common and often embarrassing condition that affects many individuals. While there are various anti-dandruff products available, one that has stood the test of time is coal tar shampoo. In this blog, we’ll explore what coal tar shampoo is, how it works, and why it can be a useful treatment for dandruff and other scalp conditions.

What is Coal Tar Shampoo?

Coal tar shampoo is a specialized hair product formulated with coal tar as its active ingredient. Coal tar is a thick, dark liquid derived from coal during the carbonization process. It has been used for decades to treat various skin and scalp conditions, including psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and, most notably, dandruff.

How Does Coal Tar Shampoo Work?

Coal tar shampoo is effective in treating dandruff because of its unique properties:

  • Antifungal Properties: Dandruff is often caused by an overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus called Malassezia. Coal tar has antifungal properties that help control the growth of this fungus, reducing dandruff.
  • Keratolytic Action: Coal tar helps to soften and loosen the outer layer of skin on the scalp and inhibit the proliferation of skin cells. This exfoliating action helps remove scales and flakes, making it easier to wash them away.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: If your dandruff is accompanied by redness and inflammation, coal tar’s anti-inflammatory properties can provide relief from these symptoms.

Benefits of Coal Tar Shampoo

Here’s a list of the benefits of coal tar shampoo:

  • Effective Dandruff Control: Coal tar shampoo is renowned for its effectiveness in reducing dandruff and relieving itching.
  • Suitable for Various Scalp Conditions: Besides dandruff, coal tar shampoo can also help manage other scalp conditions like psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Over-the-Counter Availability: You can purchase coal tar shampoo at most drugstores and online, making it easily accessible.
  • Long-Term Use: Many people find that coal tar shampoo can be used over an extended period without losing its effectiveness.

Potential Side Effects

While coal tar shampoo is generally safe for most individuals, it’s essential to be aware of potential side effects, which may include:

  • Irritation: Some people may experience scalp irritation, redness, or burning sensations. If this occurs, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
  • Staining: Coal tar can stain clothing and linens, so take care when using the shampoo.
  • Sun Sensitivity: Coal tar can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. It’s advisable to use sunscreen or wear a hat when outdoors.


Coal tar shampoo is a tried-and-true solution for dandruff and various scalp conditions. Its antifungal, keratolytic, and anti-inflammatory properties make it a powerful tool in the fight against dandruff and related symptoms. However, it’s essential to use it as directed and be mindful of potential side effects. If you’re struggling with dandruff or scalp issues, consider giving coal tar shampoo a try, and consult with a dermatologist for personalized advice on managing your condition.

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