Agarwood for Hair — A Natural Treatment for Healthier Hair

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Agarwood, also known as oudh, is a resinous dark wood of high commercial value. In recent years, it has found use in skin and hair-based products. Due to its unique composition, it provides a woody aromatic fragrance, deep nourishing benefits, and a repairing formula that helps significantly impact hair health. 

In this article, we will discuss what is agarwood and why is it a great addition to your hair care routine. 

What is agarwood and How Does It Help Your Hair?

Agarwood is a dark, resinous, highly fragrant wood from trees belonging to the Aquilaria genus. Also known as Agaru or oudh, it is popular as “liquid gold” as it sells at almost 5-6 lakh a kilogram in India. 

Agarwood for hair care is mostly used as an essential oil. The oil is added to different products to improve their effectiveness. It is easily applicable to the hair and scalp by massaging, which can promote the product to seep into the scalp and roots for better results. 

It is also vital to learn about the type of agarwood used in a formulation. The best oil is the one derived post-steam distillation, as it provides isolated essential oil, which is highly effective. 

Some synthetic and artificially created products from agarwood are available, which may not be the best for use. 

Agarwood Benefits for Hair

There are many agarwood-based hair products nowadays that provide a variety of benefits. Some of the most popular agarwood benefits for hair are listed below:

  • Strengthens Hair 

Agarwood for hair treatment can provide many benefits, as it helps to improve hair strength and volume. Agarwood contains anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties that help to strengthen hair from its roots and boost growth from within. You can gain hair growth in a few months based on your applications. 

  • Rejuvenates the scalp

Agarwood oil helps improve the natural texture and quality of hair. It is, therefore, great for dull hair and rejuvenates it from the roots, facilitating better hair growth. 

  • Controls Dandruff

The essential oil extracted from agarwood-infected resin barks helps reduce dandruff and boost scalp health. These agarwood uses releive itchy and irritated scalp.

  • Prevention Against Head Lice

Agarwood is highly aromatic, and its scent is known to suffocate head lice. Regular usage can help remove lice eggs and stop any further repopulation as well. 

Best Ways to Use Agarwood for Hair

Here are some of the best ways to incorporate Agarwood benefits into your hair care routine:

  • Agarwood Hair Oil: You can infuse your regular hair oil with agarwood chips to make a nourishing hair oil. Simply massage it onto your scalp and leave overnight for best results. 
  • Agarwood Hair Masks: To improve hair texture, create a moisturizing hair mask using agarwood powder with yogurt or honey. Apply it to damp hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash your hair as usual. 
  • Agarwood-Infused Shampoos: This is simple. Just add a few drops of agarwood essential oil to your regular shampoo. Use it normally for a super luxurious and aromatic hair-cleansing experience.
  • Agarwood Water Rinse: Steep a few agarwood chips in water to prepare infused water. You can use this water as a final hair rinse after shampooing for a subtle fragrance that lasts for days.
  • Conclusion 

Since ancient ages, Agarwood has been known as an herbal remedy and ayurvedic formulation for elevating health overall. Nowadays, this natural resource is added to hair care products primarily as an organic solution for genuine hair care benefits. 

It is good to remember that pure, undiluted agarwood oil is best for any hair treatment as it promotes maximum effectiveness without harming the hair. While including any agarwood hair product in your routine, it is best to focus on the quality of Agarwood oil and how it has been extracted for best results.   

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