3 Side Effects of Hair Wax for Men

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Hair wax is a thick styling product that has a consistency similar to that of gel. Due to its waxy texture, it does not make the hair stiff but only helps it to remain sufficiently pliable and bouncy throughout the day. Knowing how to correctly use hair wax for men could reduce hair damage, retain its natural shine and prevent it from drying out, thereby reducing the chances of breakage. Let us try to understand some of the hair wax side effects and if it causes hair loss.

Hair Wax Side Effects

Hair wax is a semi-solid substance. In order to maintain and preserve its waxy formulation, the manufacturers tend to add a high quantity of alcohol to it. Alcohol is harmful to both the skin and the scalp because it strips the scalp of natural oils, thereby dehydrating it. The hair starts to feel dull and dry. For some people, it can even irritate the scalp and cause itchiness. Let’s look at some of the other disadvantages of hair wax usage.


If you are thinking – does hair wax cause hair loss – well, it does to a certain extent. In addition to the alcohol contained in hair wax dehydrating your hair, the dense hair wax chokes up the hair follicles, making breathing difficult for them. This causes the hair follicles to stop functioning appropriately and this is how hair wax for men leads to hair fall issues due to excessive usage over a long period.

Discoloration of Hair

A lot of people question – does wax damage hair? Hair wax is made of silicone, alcohol, and chemical preservatives amongst many other ingredients. These play a role in making the hair dry and brittle. If you use hair wax for men daily to style and shape your hair, your hair may become dull, rough and unhealthy.


A scalp that is dehydrated is vulnerable to dandruff. These are some of the other disadvantages of hair wax. When the scalp becomes terribly dry due to the effects of alcohol in hair wax, the skin becomes flaky and sheds.

Correct Usage of Hair Wax for Men

Since the question, ‘’does hair gel cause hair loss’’ is common, it is important to follow a few tips to prevent hair fall while getting the hairstyle you desire.

Limit Usage

Since hair wax for men contains alcohol, it dehydrates the scalp. To ensure that the wax does not block the hair follicles and impede growth, it is highly recommended that you limit the use of hair wax in your day-to-day life.

Check Ingredients

When you purchase hair wax for men, you should be careful to check the ingredient list thoroughly and look for ingredients that could dehydrate the scalp severely.

Pick and Choose Hairstyles

At the time of hair shaping and styling, opt out of hairstyles that strain and tug on your hair follicles and scalp.

Don’t Leave Wax Overnight

If you have used hair wax for men, ensure to not leave it on your hair overnight. Wash the hair with a mild cleanser that is sulfate free to prevent further damage. Hair wax if kept overnight in your hair starts to mix with sweat and sebum oil and this makes the scalp flaky, leading to dandruff.


Typically, it is very challenging to bypass hair wax side effects. However, if you want to minimize the disadvantages of hair wax, you should invest in a product that contains less harmful ingredients such as fatty alcohol or long-chain alcohol. 

Ingredients like cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol can moisturize the hair. You may look for hair wax that contains ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, flaxseed extracts and apple cider vinegar, which are less damaging to hair.

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