Understanding the Science Behind Wrinkle Cream

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Wrinkles are a natural occurrence on our skin that accompanies the natural aging process. They are natural lines and creases that occur on your skin as you age and can appear almost anywhere on your body. They are most commonly seen on your face, neck, and arms. While completely preventing or putting a stop to them is not possible, some ways can help manage the issue better.

Using wrinkle cream for such issues has been proven to be a beneficial practice for most. This article goes more into wrinkle creams and how to use and choose the best wrinkle cream suitable for your needs.

Ingredients to Look for When Choosing the Best Anti Wrinkle Cream

Wrinkle creams are one of those great anti-aging products that everybody is always on the lookout for. The market for such products is vast, and choosing which one suits your needs best can be a bit of a hard task. There are certain ingredients you need to be on the lookout for that can commonly be found among anti wrinkle cream brands. You should choose wrinkle creams based on their ingredients and the specific issues that they solve, which are:

  1. Skin-replenishing ingredients: Any wrinkle cream with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and omega fatty acids can help replenish your skin. They help hydrate the skin and lock in moisture. These kinds of ingredients make the wrinkle cream more soft and smooth.
  2. Restorative ingredients: Creams that have retinol, niacinamide, and peptides are restorative and help the skin repair and restore/regenerate itself.
  3. Antioxidant ingredients: Anything with antioxidant ingredients can be a great way to protect your skin barrier against environmental factors such as pollution and harsh UV sun rays.
    There are various ingredients that you can be on the lookout for when choosing a wrinkle cream. These ingredients have been listed below in detail for your reference:
  4. Retinol: Retinol is another version of vitamin A and is an effective ingredient in wrinkle creams. They have the strength to heal your skin on a cellular level. Retinol-infused wrinkle cream promotes collagen production in our skin and helps it retain its elasticity and color.
  5. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): Vitamin C is another powerful active ingredient found in anti-wrinkle cream that, when used regularly and continuously, can help reverse the damage caused by the sun’s rays on our skin. It can rejuvenate, brighten our skin tone, and heal the skin’s discoloration.
  6. Niacinamide: Niacinamide is another active ingredient in many wrinkle creams and is derived from vitamin B-3 (niacin). Creams with this ingredient can be applied regularly, at most twice a day. It is another effective ingredient that helps with skin discoloration and pigmentation and also helps calm the skin.
  7. Bakuchiol: Bakuchiol is a light and gentle ingredient that is safe to use for everyone, even during pregnancy. The ingredient is used actively in traditional Ayurveda medicine and can help your skin with discoloration issues.
  8. Tranexamic: Derived from the amino acid lysine, this ingredient is actively used in various wrinkle creams, such as eye cream for wrinkles. It helps your skin by reducing melasma. It can be applied twice a day and should be paired with active sunscreen.
  9. Azelaic: This is a gentle acid that is suitable for everyone to use. Azelaic has antibacterial and skin-lightening properties and is a great component to use in anti wrinkle cream. You can use creams with this active ingredient at most twice every day.

Things to Do to Prevent Wrinkles Other Than Using Anti Wrinkle Cream

  • Using sunscreen regularly:

Factors like UV light exposure can affect your skin and speed up the aging process. This exposure can damage your skin in various ways, causing wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and rough skin texture. Pairing up your wrinkle cream with sunscreen can go a long way toward protecting your skin barrier. You should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that has a minimum SPF of 30. Sunscreen should also be used daily and should be reapplied as much as possible to protect your skin from sun exposure.

  • Using moisturizers:

Moisturizers are a great way to help your skin maintain a plump and soft look by locking in moisture and hydrating it as well. Regularly using moisturizers in your daily skincare regimen can help your skin maintain its health and keep it looking soft and smooth.

  • Avoiding smoking:

Smoking can cause a lot of damage to your outer skin barrier by damaging the blood vessels and affecting collagen and elastin production. It can cause your skin to sag and show signs of premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Along with using an anti wrinkle cream, avoiding such vices can also be a great way to maintain your skin.


Using a wrinkle cream can help with signs of premature aging, but only if you choose the right product with the right ingredients. Retinol-infused products have been known to have the best effect on our skin, helping to keep it healthy and plump. Another thing to remember, along with using such wrinkle creams, is to ensure that you pair them up with a good sunscreen and moisturizer. This is to help protect it from the sun’s harmful rays and to lock in moisture in your skin.

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