Benefits of Hair Steaming and How to Do it

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Hair steaming is a deep conditioning treatment that facilitates better absorption of hair care products. It is a technique of applying moist heat to hair strands in order to open up the hair follicles and lift the cuticles. Doing this ensures that conditioners, masks or oils applied to the hair nourish it adequately for healthy growth. Aside from this, hair steaming can also help to clean your scalp and increase the elasticity of the hair, thus reducing the chance of breakage. 

To find out more about hair steaming for hair growth, keep reading below. 

Benefits of Steaming Hair

Listed below are some of the best benefits of steaming your hair. Let’s have a look at them:

1.Steaming Cleanses Scalp and Hair

When you opt for regular hair steaming, the combination of water and heat loosens up the hardened dead skin cells that have accumulated on the hair and scalp. Steaming, therefore, negates the need to exfoliate the scalp which is a harsher hair care method. Once the scalp is thoroughly clean, follow-up treatment products that are applied on the scalp are absorbed by the hair more efficiently. So, hair steaming helps to restore hair health.

2.Increases Elasticity of the Hair

Another reason why steam is good for hair is that when hair is steamed, moisture penetrates deep into the hair shafts. This enhances the degree of elasticity of the hair. Hair can then be styled in any number of ways, by bending and stretching it minus the chances of hair breakage. Steaming is especially good for hair that is curly. Curly hair has a tendency to look unmanageable. Tough tangles can be better managed and your natural curls can appear shiny, bouncy and overall healthy with the help of hair steaming. 

3.Supports Hair Growth

It has been found that steaming can elevate the overall condition of the scalp and the hair. Hydration is very important to keep the hair locks looking healthy and glowing. When steam is applied to the hair strands and shafts, cuticles become slightly lifted and this lets hydration in the form of moisture enter the shafts. The hair cuticle is basically layers of cells that overlap one another like fish scales. They run completely along the length of the shaft.  

Hair steaming improves collagen production and increases blood circulation to the scalp. Via the process of circulation, important natural oils also reach the hair strands. This healthy and consistent circulation ensures that hair gets the right amount of nourishment it needs to grow to its natural length.

Hair Steaming Methods at Home

Hair steaming is a technique that can be easily opted for at a parlour. Beauty salons tend to use a hooded hair steamer which cannot be kept at home due to its size. So, if you are unable to step out and visit a parlour regularly, you can steam your hair at home easily by either using a DIY warm towel wrap or a handheld steamer.

1. Towel Wrap

  • You will need a bamboo or cotton bathing towel for this
  • You can either wash your hair and then steam your hair or you can oil and detangle the hair and then start the steaming session
  • Secure the hair with a shower cap
  • Soak the towel in hot water
  • Be cautious about handling the hot towel
  • Squeeze out any excess water
  • Wear a shower cap and then wrap the moist towel over the head
  • Wear another shower cap on top of the towel and leave it on for about 30 minutes.

2. Handheld Steamer

  • If you are using a handheld steamer device at home, move it around all the dry parts of your hair
  • To prevent heat damage, adjust the steamer to the lowest point
  • Let the hair soak up the moisture for about 20 minutes
  • Once done, rinse your hair with cold water and let it air dry


Hair steaming is an important process for ensuring better hair health. It should surely be incorporated as part of your regular hair care routine. You can choose to steam your hair at the parlour or you can do it easily at home with a warm towel, a capped device or a handheld steamer. Steam is good for hair if done consistently once or twice a week either after oiling your hair or after cleaning the hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long should hair steaming be done?

Ans: Hair steaming sessions should not exceed more than 20 minutes at a time. If you have very dry and frizzy hair, you can limit your session to 30 minutes.

Q2. Is hair steaming suitable across hair types?

Ans: Yes, hair steaming can be done for all types of hair. However, it is especially recommended for people with damaged, dry and dull hair.

Q3. Can hair steaming be damaging?

Ans: If your hair is being steamed according to your hair needs, it is not damaging. However, excessive heat applied to the hair can harm the cuticles and impact elasticity, making it prone to breakage.

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