6 Benefits of Using Hair Cream

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Shampoo and conditioners are essential for hair care routine. But despite using the best conditioners, the hair might still feel a little undernourished. Leave-in products like hair cream provide that extra bit of conditioning that lasts until the next wash. In this blog, we will discuss hair cream for different hair types and how to use hair cream for best results. 

What is a Hair Cream?

A hair cream is a moisturizing cream for the hair. It helps remove frizz from hair, tame flyaways, and make them smooth and shiny. As the hair cream is typically a leave-in product, it keeps the hair manageable and healthy throughout. 

Does Hair Cream Help?

Well, the best part of the hair cream is that it confers different benefits to different hair types. While the basic motto of a hair cream is to hydrate and nourish the hair, it is important to pick the one designed for your hair type to reap maximum benefits. Let’s check out some of the key benefits of hair cream:

Fights the Down Sides of Thick Hair 

Thick hair does not break easily and is open to styling. However, the hair volume makes hair styling difficult and uncomfortable. Using a hair cream for thick hair can help balance volume and increase manageability. Also, it prevents hair dryness by providing intense moisture and hydration to keep the hair nourished.

Enhances Beauty Of Thin Hair

Thin hair is fragile and appears limp and lifeless. Hair cream for thin hair adds volume and thickness to thin hair. The hair appears fuller and voluminous. These are lightweight formulas to provide nourishment, enhancing the natural bounce and movement of thin hair. How about applying a hair cream before a blow dry to give thin hair a noticeable boost? 

Reduces Greasy Appearance Of Oily Hair 

The most commonly asked question remains, ‘Is hair cream good for hair, especially for oily hair? Well, it definitely is. Hair cream that is specifically made for oily skin of the scalp helps manage oil build-up. Go for ingredients like tea tree oil and citrus extracts to regulate oil production and leave the hair refreshed and oil-free. These formulas are lightweight conditioners that do not weigh the hair down. 

Makes Curly Hair Frizz-Free

Managing your curly hair is a challenging task. Try a hair cream specifically formulated for curly hair to help do the trick. It will provide moisture and hydration to the hair, making the curls soft and easy to manage. The ideal formula will also eliminate hair frizz, the sole reason behind hard-to-manage curly hair. Not to miss, the most amazing part of using a hair cream for curly hair is that it helps define and enhance the curls’ appearance.  

Nourishes Dry Hair 

A hair cream for dry hair promises complete hydration and nourishes the hair from within. The formula contains moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and natural oils to replenish moisture and restore vitality. 

As these creams are made of plant-based ingredients, they are perfect for a leave-in formula. They lock the moisture within and provide ongoing nourishment to dry hair without causing any ill effects of chemicals. When choosing a hair cream for dry hair make sure it is without chemicals. Avoid the ones that pack sulfates and alcohol. The ones with natural oils will deeply moisturize, add shine, and help repair damaged strands. 

Balances Combination Hair 

A hair cream for combination hair is both nourishing and volumizing. It helps address issues of both scalp and hair. It works on the scalp to reduce oiliness and gently conditions the dry hair strands. It is a lightweight formula that works well throughout the year.


A hair cream is a great addition to your hair care routine. It actually provides an extra dose of nourishment to the hair, making it healthy and more manageable. Factors like hair texture, hair thickness, and specific hair concerns need to be considered. Several brands offer hair creams that are unisex and gender-specific.  

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