4 Surprising Benefits of Green Peas for Your Hair

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Green peas, commonly called garden peas, are a nutritious vegetable with the scientific name of Pisum sativum. The tiny, round seeds present within its pods are used in a variety of recipes around the globe. With its rich nutritional profile, there are many benefits of eating green peas. One of the major green peas benefits is their ability to improve the appearance and overall well-being of your hair. So, read on to learn more about how this vegetable benefits your hair.

Green Peas Nutrition

Green peas are a nutritional powerhouse. In addition to being an excellent source of protein, they are loaded with fiber, starch, protein and certain phytochemical components. Moreover, they are rich in various biologically active compounds such as alkaloids, glycosides, flavonoids, tannins and saponins. A 100-gram serving of green peas comprises 5 grams of protein and 5 grams of sodium. It also provides 66% vitamin C, 10% vitamin B6, 8% iron, 2% calcium and 8% magnesium. Further, this 100-gram serving of green peas contains 81 calories with total carbohydrates of 14 grams, total fat of 0.4 grams and dietary fiber of 5 grams. 

Green peas are almost entirely free of cholesterol. Owing to its abundance of valuable nutrients, there is no shortage of green peas health benefits, of which its positive impact on hair health has gained immense popularity in the beauty and wellness domain. 

Green Peas Benefits for Hair

Eating green peas benefits the health of your hair in many different ways: 

  • Prevents and Repairs Hair Damage

Heat styling, chemical treatments, chlorine and prolonged sun exposure can all damage your hair by corroding its protective layer. Damaged hair cuticles weaken your strands, making them prone to breakage and resulting in rapid hair loss. The abundant protein content of green peas helps repair hair by filling the gaps in damaged cuticles and creating a protective shield over your hair.    

  • Promotes Hair Growth

Amino acids found in pea protein help produce keratin to increase hair growth and prevent hair loss. Moreover, green peas are loaded with nutrients like L-arginine, biotin and isoflavones, which play a key role in stimulating the growth of new hair. Also, since green peas contain high concentrations of iron, zinc and protein, they help in strengthening your hair and further promoting growth. 

  • Packed with Hair-friendly Nutrients

The human body needs many essential nutrients to stay healthy. This is also the case for your hair. This is where green peas come in handy. This vegetable is packed with vitamin A, which is needed by cells to grow and reproduce. Since hair is the body’s fastest growing tissue, it needs vitamin A for growth. Additionally, green peas are rich in vitamin C, which is necessary for your body to produce collagen, an essential protein needed to build your hair’s main component called keratin. Moreover, nutrients like zinc and iron present in green peas are important for treating dandruff and stimulating hair growth.  

  • Keeps Hair Hydrated

Hair breakage is a very common issue faced by millions of people. One of the key solutions to address this problem is optimal hydration. Dry hair becomes brittle and prone to split ends and breakage. Being rich in amino acids like glutamine, arginine and leucine, green peas help in moisturizing your scalp. They slow down the loss of moisture from your hair, keeping it well-hydrated and making it shiny and bouncy.


Green peas health benefits are a result of their rich nutritional content, including protein, fiber, starch, vitamins and minerals. Packed with a wide variety of hair-friendly nutrients, green peas can help promote hair growth, hydrate your scalp and hair, and repair and prevent hair damage. All in all, adding this vegetable to your daily diet can do wonders for the health of your hair.  

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