Homemade Lip Balm: Caring For The Lips Naturally

Rohit Kushwah

Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

There is no end to the availability of skincare products in the market for varied uses. Specifically talking of products for lips, there are lipsticks, lip balms, and whatnot. However, what if you could yourself make a natural lip balm at home? Well, you heard it. It is very much possible to prepare not just one, but varying lip balms at home. The main advantage will be that you’ll get a homemade lip balm whose ingredients will be known to you to care for the delicate skin of your lips. Read on to know everything.

Why care for the lips? Why a homemade lip balm?

The skin of lips, unlike the skin of the rest of your body, is ultra-sensitive. It also does not produce oil of its own to get protection against the sun’s rays. You need to care for the lips for they need to fight the harsh effects of climate and environment. Here are some other reasons that clarify the need to care for the lips using several ingredients lip balm can have:

  • The lips are used while eating and talking, and they are exposed to sun, pollution as well as dust.
    Climatic changes like winters and arid weather dry the lips, making them cracked, chapped, and prone to bleeding.
  • There are chances of chapped lips shriveling up, developing creases, and unnecessarily aging soon.
  • It is also common for many of us to lick our lips every now and then, especially when we feel they are dry. However, the saliva evaporates, taking away the moisture of the lips too, and leaving them drier than before.

For these reasons, what can be better than making your own homemade lip chap that best suits your needs? You will know what goes into it. You will also be free to make different types of lip balms depending on your specific needs and wants. Keeping that in mind, let us start with the best DIY lip balm, also known as salve or chap.

The best DIY homemade lip chap

Now that you are about to start making your first homemade lip balm, it will be great to use a small batch of beeswax. This is because it serves as a great base ingredient that seals moisture and keeps the lips soft and supple for a longer time. To this, you can add and mix different ingredients to create your choice of texture and easy application. So let us start with the different recipes for your homemade lip balm:

Beeswax and coconut lip balm

This is one of the simplest homemade lip balms, which is both sweet and hydrating. It brings perfect results as wax and coconut oil lock in moisture to keep the lips supple. The vitamin E content promotes new cell growth and boosts circulation. Here’s how you can make this type of lip balm at home:

  • Take a boiler and add a tablespoon of grated beeswax. Melt this down halfway.
  • To it, add a tablespoon of coconut oil and also a tablespoon of raw honey.
  • Continue the melting process of the mixture.
  • Now blend it and add two vitamin E capsules to make it nutritious.
  • Cool the mixture and pour into a tin. Your first homemade lip balm is ready for use. Use this DIY lip chap to hydrate your lips whenever you feel the need.

Tinted ghee lip balm

Do you want a homemade lip balm that can be used in place of pink-shaded lipsticks? Well, then this DIY lip balm product is going to be the perfect one for you. This balm comes with the goodness of beetroot to give your lips a natural pinkish tint. The presence of ghee will not just hydrate the lips but also help lock in moisture to make the product one of the best daily-use lip balms. Here’s how you can prepare a nourishing tinted ghee lip balm:

  • Grate half a cup of beetroot and strain the juice of it with a cheesecloth.
  • To this juice, add a tablespoon (1 tsp) of ghee and mix thoroughly.
  • Pour this mixture into a container and refrigerate the same.
  • Finally, your other DIY lip salve is ready to be used whenever your lips feel dry. This home made lip balm for pink lips can also be used a bit on the cheeks to give the effect of blush.


What we have discussed are just two of the many possible ways to make amazing organic DIY lip balms. You can also make certain other such products, such as sugar lip balm or scrub, mango butter lip balm, mint choco homemade lip chap, rose lip balm, orange or strawberry lip balm, Vaseline lip balm, shea butter lip balm, peppermint-lavender lip balm and many more. Try different DIY lip balms and find out which works best for you for different occasions.

Rohit Kushwah


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