Glass Skin Routine: The Ultimate Tips and Tricks

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Anything related to Korean culture has lately been on the rise around the world, specifically speaking about their music as well as skin care products, both have been taking the world by storm. Glass skin simply refers to shiny, firm, plump, clear and radiant skin. The term came to be because this type of skin seems to almost have a glassy shine to it.

This article provides you with some of the best possible ways for you to easily achieve this glass skin at home.

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Glass Skin Treatment 

Achieving glass skin at home can be an achievable feat if you follow these few tips and tricks and maintain a daily skincare regimen to see the results. Listed below you’ll find some things that you should always keep in mind to ensure that you can easily get the glass skin that you deserve all from the comfort of your home.

1. Double Cleansing

The power of cleansing exceeds all but did you know that cleansing twice is much better than what you’d normally do, as it ensures to get rid of all the dirt, impurities, and makeup from your skin. To achieve glass skin, first you need to use an oil-based cleanser that helps remove makeup as well as leftover sunscreen the best, then a water-based cleanser helps remove the leftover dirt and hydrate your skin.

2. Exfoliation is Key

Humans actively shed dead skin but most of it ends up staying on our skin. Exfoliation ensures that we can get rid of this dead skin easily, in turn preventing uneven texture and clogged pores. Glass skin is all about achieving healthy skin and the way to do that is by clearing out the dead skin and letting your healthy clear skin breathe.

3. Hydrating Your Skin

If you research K-beauty, you’ll find that hydration is the key to ensuring that your glass skin routine works for you. Using and layering toners, essences, and serums (all of which complement one another) can go a long way in maintaining your skin. These items help lock in the moisture of your skin and retain it as well. Non-comedogenic products and face oils can be great for oily skin specifically, while ceramides and hyaluronic acid can help lock the water.

4. Sheet Masks All the Way

Sheet masks are the ultimate form of self-care these days but there are actual benefits to using them at regular intervals. They’re a great way to provide quick and on-the-spot hydration treatment to your skin. Applying your favorite face mask for 15 to 20 minutes can help moisturize and hydrate your skin. 

5. SPF is Your Best Friend

To achieve glass skin at home, you need to make sure that you put on your SPF every day even if you are home and every single time you step outside. The sun’s UV rays are extremely harmful to our skin and can easily damage the skin barrier, and SPF acts as an armor. It ensures that the skin does not get damaged by the harsh rays. If you do not actively use SPF in your skincare regime, the damage from the ultraviolet rays can result in uneven skin tone, discoloration, and even lower collagen production in your skin.

6. Facial Massages 

Facial massages can help you achieve healthy glass skin by improving blood circulation under your skin and also helping in lymphatic drainage. The active blood circulation helps keep your skin healthy.

7. Fermented Products Like Rice

Using skin care products infused with rice and soy can go a long way toward maintaining your glass skin. Toners, cleansers, moisturizers, etc. all have a wide range, many of which are infused with such ingredients to enhance their properties and provide your skin with that dewy glow.


Korean beauty has rightfully become the go-to for various people all around the world and has managed to prove that it works. Achieving healthy glass skin at home can seem like a very rigorous and long process. But if you remain consistent and use the right products meant for your skin, you’ll be able to bring the naturally shiny and glowy dew-like texture.

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