Calcium and calcium supplements: Achieving the right balance

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Calcium is a type of mineral the body needs for the healthy growth of teeth and bones. We get our daily dose of calcium through food and sunlight. But there is a section of people who are unable to get adequate sunlight exposure due to their routine which is mostly based indoors and also by virtue of being a vegan which limits their diet to a more plant-based food source. If you are not able to get calcium through food and sunlight, you can make up for the gap by consuming HK vitals calcium supplements which are one of the best calcium tablets on the market.

Why Do We Need Calcium?

As we grow older, especially post our 40s, we start to lose out on our strength and bone density. This can cause brittle bones which will then make you vulnerable to easy fractures. 99% of the calcium in our body gets stored within the bones and teeth and the remaining 1% is used to carry out activities that keep the body functioning optimally. Not just for bones and teeth, calcium is also required by the body to aid in blood vessel contraction and expansion, help transmit messages via the nervous system and support hormone secretion from the glands. If you have reached the age of 30, including a quality calcium capsule in your routine in addition to your diet will be beneficial. But knowing how to strike the right chord between calcium obtained from natural sources and calcium supplements is the key factor.

Kinds of Calcium Supplements You Must Know

You will find that a standard calcium supplement makes use of different kinds of compounds. Each contains varying amounts of elemental calcium. The most commonly noticed calcium supplements are:

  • Calcium gluconate (9%)
  • Calcium lactate (13%)
  • Calcium citrate (21%)
  • Calcium carbonate (40%)

Out of these calcium carbonate is the most affordable and so it is always a budget-friendly choice. Some supplements are also mixed with other vitamins and minerals that also support healthy bones and teeth. One such combination is calcium vitamin D3 tablets. Vitamin D3 is a very important compound obtained from sunlight that aids the body to absorb calcium from body sources. A deficiency in either could cause osteoporosis (brittle bones), lowered immunity, mood swings and inflammation.

How to Balance Calcium, Diet & Supplements

One has to obtain calcium from other sources such as food since the body doesn’t produce it naturally. These foods are

  • Dairy products like yogurt, milk and cheese
  • Green leafy vegetables such as kale and broccoli
  • Fish such as sardines and salmon
  • Lentils and beans
  • Rhubarb
  • Amaranth pseudocereal
  • Calcium-fortified foods like soy products (soybeans, tofu and soy milk), fruit juices, cereals and multigrain.

If you are lactose intolerant, follow a vegan diet, are under long-term treatment for corticosteroids, have digestive issues or consume a diet high in sodium and protein (such as KETO) diet which makes your body excrete higher levels of calcium you should consider adding calcium supplements to your diet.

As per the National Institutes of Health, an adult needs the suggested calcium intake daily:

                  Category                           Dose
        19-50 years (adults) 1,000 mg
          51-70 years (men) 1,000 mg
          51-70 years (women) 1,200 mg
            71 years + 1,200 mg
Teens (pregnant and breastfeeding) 1,300 mg
Adults (pregnant and breastfeeding) 1,000 mg


Why the Hype About Calcium You Say?

Calcium plays many important functions within the body such as

  • Bone health
  • Cardiovascular system such as blood clotting
  • Lowers risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy
  • Improves cholesterol levels
  • Lowers the danger of colorectal adenomas


The best way to come to the decision if you need calcium supplements or not is to consult a doctor or a nutritionist and draw up a diet chart. Then decide on a nutritional supplement by browsing through parameters such as the amount of calcium, supplement form, absorbability, quality and cost. If you are looking for quality supplements, HK vitals calcium provides you with 1,000 mg of calcium in each capsule which is free of chemicals and completely safe to consume.

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