Hydrolyzed Collagen: Everything You Need To Know

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

People these days are shifting more towards organic products. That is why cosmetic products manufacturers such as skin and hair products are incorporating natural substances that will benefit the users. One of these natural substances is hydrolyzed collagen, also known as collagen peptides or collagen hydrolysate.

Hydrolyzed collagen peptides can be a natural treatment for your skin and hair. It comes with many more benefits for the human body. Read on to know everything.

What is hydrolyzed collagen?

Collagen is a protein that makes up human connective tissues like muscles, joints, skin, and tendons. However, with time, age, unhealthy habits like smoking, and an unbalanced diet, the body’s ability to produce collagen reduces. To make up for this deficiency, collagen is derived from external sources and is subjected to the process called hydrolysis (the degradation of a large molecule into smaller ones) to form hydrolyzed collagen.
Peptides are protein fragments that have a lower molecular weight compared to original collagen. This feature allows the newly formed hydrolyzed collagen to be more easily digested and absorbed by the body. It is also more antioxidant with antimicrobial properties, making it an active ingredient for dietary supplements.

Hydrolyzed collagen benefits

Following are the hydrolyzed collagen uses for the human body:

  • Benefits of hydrolyzed collagen for skin: Hydrolyzed collagen for skin is largely used to improve the appearance of the skin, accelerate skin healing, and reduce signs of aging. With increasing age, direct exposure to sunlight, pollution, nutrient deficiency, and chronic alcohol use, the deeper layers of the skin start getting lower in collagen fibers. This reduces the strength and stability of the skin, causing observable loosening and sagging. Therefore, hydrolyzed collagen on skin provides the deficient collagen in the skin and promotes younger and healthy-looking skin.
  • Benefits for hair: The collagen hydrolysate uses are not limited to the skin. They are also great for your hair as they improve the look and feel of the hair by making it supple and sheen.
    Hair preparations with collagen hydrolysate peptides further improve the texture of hair that has been damaged or overly treated. Moreover, it provides the building blocks of keratin, slows down graying of hair, promotes scalp health, and encourages healthy hair growth.
  • Benefits for the bones and joints: Our joints consist of articular cartilage, a connective tissue that supports the bones and joints. With time and osteoarthritis, this tissue depletes. The associated pain has been found linked to reduced bioactive collagen peptides. Similarly, collagen hydrolysate also helps in osteoporosis by promoting better bone density. When combined with vitamin D and calcium supplements, collagen can improve bone metabolism and reduce joint pain even in athletes.
  • Benefits in wound treatment: Collagen can help with the treatment of wounds in many different ways. It helps and supports the associated mediating processes like inflammation. It supports the formation of blood clots. Collagen also balances angiogenesis, that is the formation of new blood vessels, by adjusting its occurrence. Furthermore, collagen supports scar formation.
    The powdered form of hydrolyzed collagen has been found useful as a wound dressing. This is due to its antimicrobial and antioxidant effects. It may even lower the healing time, thereby minimizing your time spent in the hospital.
  • Benefits for composition: Hydrolyzed collagen in powdered or capsule form has been found linked with improved muscle mass and strength, even in aged people. It is good for sports people as well as for people with declined muscle mass and tone. When combined with resistance training, it promotes improved body composition by making up for the surrounding connective tissue. It increases fat-free mass (called lean body mass).
  • Other benefits: Hydrolyzed collagen (HC) is also found useful for the heart and nails. Collagen is found in involuntary muscles and blood vessels, and studies are on to find its health benefits on the cardiovascular system. HC may even improve the growth of nails and reduce brittle nails.

Side effects of Hydrolyzed collagen peptides

The collagen supplements are usually taken by mouth, which is why they may cause mild symptoms in the digestive tract. Some of the common side effects include a bad aftertaste, heartburn, a feeling of fullness, allergies, nausea, gas, constipation, irregular heartbeat rhythm, and high calcium levels in the blood. Made from collagen hydrolyzed collagen is generally safe for many people who do not experience any severe side effects.


It should also be noted that those allergic to fish or shellfish may avoid products with marine collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen products or supplements may or may not be avoided by vegetarians and vegans. It is suggested that you thoroughly go through the labeling of the product to understand its composition before starting its use. It is also suggested that you take medical advice for consumption by children and when pregnant, nursing, or with medical conditions.

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